Malek Means Angel


MALEK MEANS ANGEL trailer (2014) Documentary 28:00 min. Denmark/Tunisia. The National Film School of Denmark 

Awards & Official Selections:
Winner BEST DOCUMENTARY, Ekko Short Film Awards, Denmark 2015
Winner BEST DOCUMENTARY, Universal Martial Arts Film Festival, France 2015
Winner BEST SCRIPT, High Concept Award, Universal Martial Arts Film Festival, France 2015
IDFA, Netherlands 2014 - World Premiere
Universal Martial Arts Film Festival, France 2015
Fidadoc, Morocco 2015
Buster, Denmark 2015
Mumbai Film festival, India 2015
Cairo International Womens Film Festival, Egypt 2016 
Nahal International Film Festival, Iran 2016

With the smile of an angel and the will of a warrior, Malek is far from an average eleven year old girl. Striving to one day become a professional fencer, she spends every day training alongside her best friend Yassmine in a working class neighbourhood in Tunis. Malek and Yassmine are training intensively to take the top medals in an upcoming fencing competition. When the day finally arises, Malek's strength and dreams are put to the test.

Director, DP and editor: Lea Hjort Mathiesen
Sound design & mix: Thomas Arent, Oskar Skriver
Original Music: Frederik Valentin, Mikkel Juul Jensen, Kamilla Kovacs
Color: Norman Nisbet
IMS & The National Film School of Denmark

Shot on location in Tunis, Tunisia 2014.

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